Good Morning Everyone!

What an excellent meeting we had last night!

The meeting was led by Narina Uys, who did a splendid job of keeping us all on time, whilst providing insightful information about meetings for our guests. I presented the toast and of course, who else could I have toasted but Nelson Mandela, who turned 88 on the 18th of July!

Rob Crothall was our word master and umm-counter and did a fine job of drawing our attention to our word-mishaps but also providing us with positive feedback and useful advice. The word was "innocuous".

Both Peter Lutukai and Mahomed Bux, our speakers for the evening sent out calls to action. Peter spoke on the topic of personal safety while Mahomed's speech was on the topic of crime. They were evaluated by Sibu Mntambu, who was also the chief evaluator, and me. This was Sibu's first shot at being chief evaluator and she did very well indeed. Ewa Krysztopnis was our timekeeper.

This was our first speaking meeting of the year and was highlighted by the educational talk provided to us by our Vice President Education, Martin Barnard. This was centred around commitment and setting our goals for the year. Our President, Graham Nicholls, did a fine job with his impromptu mini-educational on the Distinguished Club Programme and our related goals.

Each member present also completed activity sheets, committing themselves to participating in club activities and achieving personal goals (Which is why we all joined in the first place).

Twelve active club members attended. I know there are more of you out there, and urge you to contact Martin immediately and submit your goals for the year. A club is only as good as its members and we have a great club. Participation is essential to the success of this club!

Last but not least, I would like to welcome Coralie Rutherford and Sonja van Niekerk to our ranks. Corelie attended her third meeting with us last night and Sonja her first (she joined last night!). I'm sure we are all looking forward to their first speeches. Also attending were Gcinile Mamba who showed strong interest in joining, and her sister Snetemba. We are looking forward to seeing you both again.

Lynda Skinner
VPPR 4th Dimension

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