What Are Areas?Edit

Areas are groups of 4-6 clubs led by an Area Governor. The Area Governors are typically assigned by the District Governor. The Area is overseen by the Division, which is led by the Division Governor. The clubs of an Area are typically in the same geographic region, but this is not always the case.

Why Have Areas?Edit

Areas are helpful for District leaders who can not oversee all of the clubs in the District. By splitting things into divisions and then areas, they can delegate duties and make things easier to manage. For District level leaders this is a good opportunity to learn how to delegate. For new leaders this is a chance to try responsibility beyond their clubs.

What does the Area Governor do?Edit

The duties of the area governor seem to vary depending on the needs of the area and the abilities of the governor. The standard duties are:

  • Run a Humorous Speech contest and International Speech Contest with the club winners. Winner of Area contest competes in Division level of contest
  • Visit each club 2 times a year to monitor their progress in the DCP program. This often involves speaking at the club about life beyond their club. It also involves paperwork sent to Toastmasters International.

Why Should I be an Area Governor?Edit

Area Governor is one of the district positions that can earn you credit for your Advanced Leader Silver award. Of those positions it is one of the easiest to do. If you are Area Governor of your club's area, then you often know some of the issues going on and how those clubs need help. You also know many of the leaders of the clubs already and are in a good position to assist. Area Governor gives you a chance to stretch as a leader without being overwhelmed.

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