A module in the Success/Communication Program of the Toastmasters Educational Program, dealing with the mental skill of flexibility.

Mental flexibility can be defined as a way of thinking—an attitude. It’s a way of approaching situations that allows you to adapt your behavior so you can achieve the best outcomes. By increasing your mental flexibility, you become a better listener, a keener observer, a more skilled thinker, and a more effective problem-solver.

Time: 2–2½ hours
  • Developing listening and feedback skills
  • Exercising perceptual skills and mental flexibility
  • Interpreting information in an open-minded way
  • Determining what causes people to react negatively
  • Increasing awareness of varying points of view
  • Illustrating the importance of suspending value judgments and waiting for more information
  • Learning semantic flexibility and its impact on the thinking process
  • Thinking strategically


Building Your Thinking, I: Mental Flexibility (Catalog No. 253)

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