A manual in the Advanced Communication Series, containing information about how to present an editorial, appear as a guest on an interview program, be the host of an interview program, conduct a press conference, and use television to train.

The ProjectsEdit

Straight TalkEdit

Time 3 minutes, plus or minus 30 seconds
  • Effectively present an opinion or viewpoint in a short time.
  • To simulate giving a presentation as part of a television broadcast.

The Talk ShowEdit

Time 10 minutes, plus or minus 30 seconds
  • Understand the dynamics of a television interview or “talk” show.
  • Prepare for questions that may be asked during a television interview program.
  • Present a positive image on the television cameras,
  • Appear as a guest on a simulated television talk show.

When You’re the HostEdit

Time 10 minutes, plus or minus 30 seconds
  • Understand the dynamics of and conduct a successful television interview.
  • Prepare questions to ask during the interview program.
  • Present a positive, confident image on the television camera.

The Press ConferenceEdit

Time 3–5 minutes, 2–3 minutes Q&A
  • Understand the nature of a television press conference.
  • Prepare for an adversary confrontation on a controversial or sensitive issue.
  • Use appropriate methods and strategies to present your organisation’s viewpoint.

Training on TelevisionEdit

Time 5–7 minutes, plus 5–7 minutes for playback
  • Learn how to develop and present an effective training program on television.
  • Receive personal feedback through the videotaping of your presentation.


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