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  • Serves 150 Toastmaster Clubs and 7472 members in Tamil Nadu (India) and Sri Lanka. (as of 2008)

DG Balraj Arunasalam

The 2008-2009 District Governor is Balraj Arunasalam. The LGET is Deepak Menon and the LGM is Deepak Justin. The PRO is Kumaran Pethi. The District Secretary is Kapila Bandara.


Click here for 2009-10 District Governor Deepak Menon's signing off address

Ovation 2010, Chennai, May 21-23 2010 :


District 82 Governor Deepak Menon with Mark Brown, 1995 International Champion of Public Speaking

Photos from Ovation 2010

Video: Table Topics contest Prize Ceremony

Video: International Speech contest Prize Ceremony


District 82 Conferences Edit

Upcoming conferences

"Reverberations 2009", the 2009 District 82 Semi-annual conference will be held in Chennai on the 21st and 22nd of November 2009. It will feature the District-level Evaluation and Humorous speech contests.

Visit the Conference website or contact the Conference chairperson Harsh Singhal, CL for details.

The 2008 District 82 Annual conference was held in Colombo in May 2008.

Past conferences

Regale-ia 2007, the 2007 District 82 Semi-annual Conference was held on the 24th and 25th November 2007 at Mangalore, India. The conference featured the Evaluation and Humorous speech contests.

The following were declared winners in the Humorous Speech contest

Position Name Club Area Division
1 A.V.S Prasad Hyderabad Toastmasters 12 E
2 Amit Kumar Interra IT Toastmasters 10 C
3 Samina Nayak Winners Club 9 E

The following were declared winners in the Evaluation contest

Position Name Club Area Division
1 Rajdeep Manwani Bangalore Toastmasters 8 B
2 Pradeep Dutt South Delhi Toastmasters 11 C
3 Bathiya Hettiarachchi Sampath Toastmasters Club 1 A

Ovation 2008, the District 82 Annual Conference was held from the 16th to 18th of May 2008 at the NIMHANS Convention Center, Bangalore, India. The conference featured the District 82 Table Topics and International Speech contests.

The following were declared winners in the Table Topics contest

Position Name Club Area Division
1 Rajdeep Manwani Bangalore Toastmasters 8 B
2 Nivedita Mirajkar Mangalore Toastmasters 9 E
3 Ritu Arora JPKU Club 11 C

The following were declared winners in the International Speech contest

Position Name Club Area Division
1 Nivedita Mirajkar Mangalore Toastmasters 9 E
2 Ritu Arora JPKU Club 11 C
3 Rajdeep Manwani Bangalore Toastmasters 8 B


Division A Edit

Includes 12 clubs in Sri Lanka. The Division Governor is Bhathiya Hettiarachi.

Division B Edit

Includes 17 clubs in Bangalore. The Division Governor is Harikumar Santhibhavan.

  • Club websites in Division B

Bangalore Toastmasters Club

Division C Edit

Includes 11 clubs in Delhi and Noida. The Division Governor is Poonam Jain.

Division D Edit

Includes 16 clubs in Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur. The Division Governor is Kunal Khanna.

  • Division D covers Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur and comprises of Five Areas. Club websites in Division D

Mumbai Toastmasters Club Bombay Toastmasters Club

Mulund Toastmasters Club

Division E Edit

Includes 17 clubs in Bangalore and Mangalore. The Division Governor is Sudha Balajee.

Division F Edit

Includes 10 chartered clubs in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. There are 5 prospective clubs. The Division Governor is Ajit Dembla.

To know everything about the action at Division F including clubs, members, calendar, contests, bulletin, division roster and division calendar - visit the Division F website.

  • Club websites in Division F

[| Division F Website] Hyderabad Toastmasters [| Hyderabad Toastmasters] [| Vision Toastmasters]

Division G Edit

Includes 12 clubs in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The Division Governor is Nina John.

  • Club websites in Division G

Chennai Toastmasters Club

Division H Edit

Includes 12 clubs in Colombo. The Division Governor is M.Z.Saleem.

Division I Edit

Includes over 15 clubs in Delhi, Gurgaon, Jaipur and Kolkata.

The Division Governor for the year 2010-2011 is Sudhir Sharma.

Click here for Division I Governor Sudhir Sharma's opening message for 2010-11 (and for details about Areas under Div I)

For 2009-2010 the Division I Governor was Ashok Menghani.

For 2008-2009 Division I Governor was Vinay Jain.

Locate the clubs in Division I, along with their meeting and contact info, on this interactive google map :

Division MEdit

This Division spans across the city of Pune (in Maharashtra), Goa and Belgaum in northern Karnataka.

Toastmasters Club of Pune website

Toastmasters in Pune on Facebook

Collaboration / TM projectsEdit

Are you in Div M and working on TM-related projects that you'd like to share? Put them here!

  • District 82 Division M Newsletter - A collaboration project among all the clubs in Division M to crowd-source articles for a newsletter. (As of Dec 2010, still work in progress and open for inputs)
  • Beyond Powerpoint , Communicating Through Technology - 2 advanced communication manuals started as an informal collaboration project. Idea to create a new manual was proposed on TMI LinkedIn group by John Lesko, and Nikhil Sheth created the pages on Toastmasters wikia in Nov / Dec 2010.
  • Pune TM Map: - Open-collaboration Google Map where all TM clubs can mark their clubs' exact position and give details. The idea is to have a one-stop shop where a visitor can visually see the TM clubs in Pune.
  • Magazine survey - Survey plus instructions created in Dec 2010 to poll club members if they are receiving the TMI monthly magazine. The same google doc form also contains detailed instructions for how to create and operate your account on

District News and Newsletters Edit

Visit the District 82 website for the District 82 newsletter, "Voice of 82" (available in the Public Relations section).

You can also subscribe to the District 82 mailing list by sending an email to Make sure you send your name and club name when doing so!

Articles pertaining to District 82Edit

To have your page automatically included here, simply put the category tag anywhere on the page. You do this by inserting the code [[Category:District 82]] at the bottom of the page.

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