A manual in the Advanced Communication Series, containing information about giving briefings, giving productive feedback, motivating others, communicating change, and delivering bad news. Reflects revision 5/2011.

The ProjectsEdit

The BriefingEdit

Time 5-7 minutes for speech

2-3 minutes for question period

  • Organize your briefing material tailoring it to your audience's needs.
  • Give a briefing according to a specific objective (explain, instruct, persuade, or report) so the audience will have an understanding of the information.
  • Effectively handle a question-and-answer session following the briefing.

Appraise with PraiseEdit

Time 5-7 minutes
  • Give a speech demonstrating the importance of how you personally use feedback techniques in your daily life.
  • Use constructive evaluation to help someone improve their performance.
  • Offer support to empower them to change.

Persuade and InspireEdit

Time 5-7 minutes
  • Understand the concept of motivation.
  • Use the described strategies to align the audience's goals with your objective.
  • Deliver a motivational speech and influence your audience to a specific action.

Communicating ChangeEdit

Time 5-7 minutes
  • Introduce a new idea or change to established operations or methods.
  • Show the audience how the change will benefit them.
  • Overcome any resistance to the new idea and gain the audience's support.

Delivering Bad NewsEdit

Time 5-7 minutes
  • Deliver bad news with tact and sensitivity.
  • Organize your speech appropiately for your audience.
  • Conclude with a pleasant note and maintain the audience's good will.

Changes over time:Edit

Revision 9/2007: 1) The Briefing 2) The Technical Speech 3) Manage and Motivate 4) The Status Report 5) Confrontation: The Adversary Relationship

Revision 5/2011: 1) The Briefing 2) Appraise with Praise 3) Persuade and Inspire 4) Communicating Change 5) Delivering Bad News


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