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A manual in the Advanced Communication Series, containing information about preparing and delivering an entertaining speech, finding good stories and anecdotes to include in speeches, using humor, incorporating drama into presentations, and presenting an after-dinner speech.

The ProjectsEdit

The Entertaining SpeechEdit

Time 5-7 minutes
  • Entertain the audience by relating a personal experiences
  • Organize an entertaining speech for maximum audience impact.

Resources for EntertainmentEdit

Time 5-7 minutes
  • Draw entertaining material from sources other than your own personal experience.
  • Adapt your material to suit your topic, your own personality and the audience.

Your experienceEdit

(Please click "edit" and put your experience of this speech here)

I really had trouble with this assignment. I presented a well-researched speech on sleep at 4th Dimension, but the evaluator ruled that the speech was from personal experience. The assignment clearly says the speech should be other people's anecdotes.

My evaluator jokingly suggested I do a speech called Escape from Gulag 41. That would have been perfect, actually.

He said a speech like Escape from Gulag 41 lends itself to the repeated build-up and release of tension.

I could have said:

  • First, I beat the dogs.
  • Then, I beat the fence.
  • Finally, I beat the cars.

Then I was home free! that allows for a build-up and release of tension and is entertaining without being from my own experience. I found this one a tough ask.

--Erichv 07:46, 7 March 2006 (UTC)

Make Them LaughEdit

Time 5-7 minutes
  • Prepare a humorous speech drawn from your own experience.
  • Strengthen the speech by adapting and personalizing humorous material from outside sources.
  • Deliver the speech in a way that makes the humor effective.

A Dramatic TalkEdit

Time 5-7 minutes
  • Develop an entertaining, dramatic talk about an experience or incident.
  • Include vivid imagery, characters and dialogue.
  • Deliver the talk in an entertaining manner.

Speaking After DinnerEdit

Time 8-10 minutes
  • Prepare an entertaining after-dinner talk on a specific theme.
  • Deliver the talk using the skills developed in the preceding projects.


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