Meeting times / venue Edit

Every Wednesday morning from 6:40 AM to 8:00 AM at the Cedar Hills Recreation Center, in Beaverton Oregon.

Why so early? Our members are busy people. This time doesn't conflict with family or business commitments.

What happens at meetings Edit

The Toastmasters program is a self paced, learn by doing program.

We learn learn presentations by giving peer reviewed speeches on topics of the speaker's choosing. These speeches follow guide lines from Toastmasters International.

We practice impromptu speaking though table topics. Here we respond to questions and scenarios posed by our members. This is an important skill when answering questions from our managers, customers and friends. It's also an important job interview skill.

We learn to give feedback to others by giving feedback then receiving feedback on how we did. When we give feedback we include what we liked about the presentation or evaluation, and suggestions to improve.

More information Edit

Toastmasters in Beaverton Oregon

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