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March Edit

Congratulations to the winners of C1's speech contest

  • Joe Bloggs in the International Contest
  • Sarah Jane in the Evaluations contest

April Edit

Rod Taylor, our District Chief Judge, will be presenting a Judging Workshop on Saturday morning 22 April 2006 from 8.30 to 12.30 at Morningside Country Club. This is an ideal opportunity for contestants and (prospective) judges - just before all the Division Contests. The cost, which will include refreshments, will be confirmed closer to the time, as soon as approximate numbers are known. (anticipated cost about R40 a head or R120 per club). If you are interested in attending (and you should be) contact Ruth Goodbrand ( directly.

May Edit

June Edit

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August Edit

Thursday 31st(evening)

Rivonia is holding their Humorous Competition.

September Edit

October Edit

On the 18th Division H will be holding its Humorous Contest

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