Time 12–15 minutes
  • Understand the nature and process of a technical presentation supported with professional-level visual aids (Arrangements for this presentation should be made with your club's Vice President Education well in advance, taking into consideration the requirements for high-tech visual aids. Also, you should arrange to have printouts of your pre- and post- communications for your Evaluator to see at the lecture. Time mentioned does not include these other forms of sharing Information.)
  • Arrange pre-meeting communications via e-mail
  • Find or create a post-meeting Web site for further dissemination of information supporting or enhancing your verbal presentation. You may create a Web page and add it to your club's Web site, making use of podcasting, webcasting, or a basic Internet template
  • Use a desktop computer, word processor, a Web browser, a simple graphics program for photos and other images, presentation software as well as the venerable flip chart to support your presentation.
Add the computer and Internet to your teaching toolkit by supplementing your tech talk with electronic communications before and after the meeting. Make maximum use of high-tech teaching so your audience can achieve maximum learning. Use e-mail, blogging, vlogging, Web sites, and other high-tech marvels to bring your tech talk into the 21st century.

A Tech Talk Assignment Expanded by the InternetEdit

Your AssignmentEdit

Preparing the Pre-Talk MaterialsEdit

Preparing Your Technical PresentationEdit

After the TalkEdit

Evaluation Guide

A written evaluation of this speech will consider the following points:


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