Every year, and in some clubs every 6 months, Toastmasters clubs change their Executive members. Sometimes, circumstances also arise, where a transition of Club Leaders just happens. This page outlines some methods to ensure a smooth transition between Executive teams.

Ensuring a Smooth Club Executive handover Edit

If you take appropriate steps, you can get a smooth handover, and maximise knowledge transfer.

  • Identify potential successors during your term of office.
  • Involve potential successors as delegates for special assignments to learn the ropes of your role.
  • Ensure you maintain special binders with information on
    • Managing Contests,
    • Club Library and Supplies,
    • Club History, and
    • Make sure your new Executive receives them.
  • Run a workshop to transition from old to new Executive members
  • Run a workshop to allow Executive members exchange plans and expectations of each other
  • Run a Changeover Dinner, to signify the transition of responsibilities and thank your outgoing and incoming Officers for the Assistance they provide to support the members of the club.
  • Attend Club Officer Training - twice each year - and do your best to learn as much as possible from the Coaches, and your peers in other clubs - they are a great network to draw experience from.

Anything particular for Contests? Edit

In Australia, it is typical for Clubs to hold all contests in the 1st three months of the Toastmasters Year. This poses some special challenges with inexperienced Club Leaders. To help with the learning curve, try:

  • Have the outgoing Executive organise the first contest, assisted by the incoming Executive. Have the second contest organised by the incoming Executive, assisted by the outgoing Executive.
  • If there are 2 competition meetings held, hold the 1st Competition Event under the leadership of the outgoing Executive, and allow a longer time for the incoming Executive to prepare for the 2nd Competition.
  • Use the Checklists developed by Toastmasters in other clubs - here, and elsewhere - to get a head start to running contests.

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