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  • Toastmasters International Links

Toastmasters Districts around the world.

Find clubs around the world.

Various Club Web Site home pages can be found on this Wiki here.

Many using the freetoasthost engine can be located via google.

  • Toastmasters Online! - Hubs for Toastmasters Online content ("Social Networks" etc.)

The Toastmasters Wikia - Here! -

A global Toastmasters Forum created by Ravi Kabra - -

The Toastmasters Webring -

  • Frequently Asked Questions

Toastmasters FAQ (dated) from -

FAQ from Club 31 from Portland, Oregon -

  • Toastmasters Blogs - Blogs with significant Toastmasters value

The "Collected Wisdom" Edited collection of posts from -

Bill Bishop (Ottowa, Ontario) blogs his Toastmaster's Journey -

  • Toastmasters Gems
    • Good Sites

From the birthplace of Toastmasters - Founders District Web Site

District 70 (NSW) Web Site -

District 18 (Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virgina, West Virginia) Good site! -

Good index for finding anything at District 18's website. -

District 22 (Kansas and Missouri, USA) Winner 2003-2004 Excellence in Leadership Award - and 2004-2005 ! Some great resources. -

District 26 (Colorado, Wyoming, Western Nebraska, USA) guide on conducting contests -

District 31 (USA) Some great Club Meeting Tools -

District 31's Good Q&A Forum -

District 50 (Northeast Texas and Louisiana) -

District 59 (Continental Europe) -

District 71 (Britain and Ireland) -

District 71's Knowledge Base -

Toast of Chicago - Toastmasters Resources -

    • Other collections

Rick Clements Collection (USA) -

Ideas from Rick Clements (USA) -

Ideas and Resources from Port Stephens, New South Wales, Australia -

    • Table Topics

Table Topic Ideas from Anthony Shipleu (Australia) -

Table Topics Ideas] from Toastmasters New Zealand -

Miles Square Table Topics Ideas -

    • Other Good Content

Stuck ? - Topic Selection Helper -

Technical presentations - from Undersea Toastmasters -

Rick's Toastmasters File Box -

District 18's Web Site (We've borrowed some tools from there) -

Toastmasters Collective Wisdom -

The Art of Speaking -

  • Miscellaneous Resources

Reference Desk -

Quotations Page -

Quoteland -

Quotation Station -

Speech Tips -

Speakernet News -

Free Weddings Speech - impromptu speaking - -

The Articulate Professional -

Joke A Day

Humour Mall -

Family Joke A Day -

Today in History -

Phrases & meanings -

Yahoo Public Speaking list -

LGL Seminars - Speaking Tips -

100 Public Speaking Articles from the Advanced Public Speaking Institute -

Sodahead Miscellaneous Votes etc. -

Brownielocks and the 3 Teddy bears - Miscellaneous Dates! -

  • Commercial Public Speaking sites

  • Other Toastmasters Links pages

Alice's Toastmasters Links -

Alice's Toastmasters Around the World page -

Alice's Toastmasters Information and Resources page -

  • Explanation of Wikia

Wikia Home Site

  • Information to help manage a Wiki

Wiki Help Tutorial

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