Flying Toasters (club number 867399) is the name of Panasonic Avionics Corp's company club in Lake Forest, California.

The club's first meeting was held on Wednesday October 5, 2005, in room 110 of Building One of Panasonic Avionics Corp. (then known as MAS - Matsushita Avionics Systems). A standing-room-only crowd gathered to watch the demonstration and explanations by Victor Bonacci (that meeting's Toastmaster and co-Club Sponsor), John Maginnis (co-Club Sponsor) and the Springers (Fred & Wilma). From that day, they have continued to meet regularly at noon on Wednesdays, and eleven of the twenty charter members (those around on Day #1) are still "active" according the official records (though some haven't been seen at meetings lately).

According to Toastmaster International's records, Flying Toasters officially chartered on January 20, 2006 (a Friday). This is the date that all the necessary information was approved and entered into the TMI system. Its name was selected by vote of the soon-to-be-club-members from a list of names submitted by them. The winning entry, 'The Flying Toasters' was submitted by Nigel Blackwell (along with his 9 other proposed names) and reflects the company's involvement in the Aviation Industry, as well as a reference to a widely popular "After Dark" series of computer screensaver software introduced in 1989 by Berkeley Systems for the Apple Macintosh, and later for Microsoft Windows in which electric toasters with wings are depicted flying diagonally across the screen. The Club's logo is a flying toaster.

Flying Toasters club held its Charter Ceremony three months later on April 19, 2006. Nigel Blackwell presided as Toastmaster.

Ruth Kubis and Yousef Alinaghian served as Club Mentors for the club's first nine months (through June 2006) and have received honorary lifetime membership at the end of their terms as mentors. (While the honorary membership title is not officially recognized by Toastmasters International, it represents the club's appreciation to both Ruth and Yousef for their guidance.)

Since forming in 2005-2006, the club has been in Area G-4 of Founders District (simply known as District F). John "Mags" Maginnis was Area G-4 Governor at that time, and Darryl "Knock-out" Tahirali was Asst Area Governor. The next G-4 Governors were Steve "Steve" Hendricks (2006-2007) and Victor Bonacci (2007-2008). The areas of Founders District were re-aligned in June 2008, and in July of that year Flying Toasters became a part of Area G-3 (Governor TBD).

Due to the number of inquiries about joining the club received from members of the local public, and people working in surrounding buildings, attempts were made in 2006, and again in 2007, to partially open the club to members of the general public, but in spite of this being allowed in the company's other Toastmasters club, "Voices of the MASes", based in its Bothell, WA location, this was not permitted by the company's Human Resources dept for the Lake Forest, CA club.

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