There are many reasons why professionals join Toastmasters. Most of them want to become proficient speakers. Others join to gain a little dose of confidence. Few join to become effective leaders.

In 2004, Jef Menguin joined Metro Manila Toastmasters club to become an inspirational speaker in the Philippines. He realized that he could use his vocal instrument and his passion for educating people as tools to make a difference in the world. Since Toastmasters provide him a good venue where he can share his ideas and get feedback from his listeners, he took his membership in Toastmasters very seriously.

He was awarded Advanced Toastmasters Gold in less than sixteen months after delivering more than 200 speeches. Toastmasters only need to finish more than 40 project speeches to get the ATMG award. But Jef Menguin did not intend to simply deliver speeches. He wanted to learn faster, better, and more. Even when evaluators gave him praises for his performances, he saw it fit to sometimes deliver one speech ten times to ten difference audiences. It took experts 10,000 hours to become experts. Jef Menguin paid his hours because he wanted to give the best to his audience. A goal, like that of making a difference in the world, should never be underestimated.

Today, Jef Menguin is an international inspirational and leadership speaker. Companies and organizations in Asia invited him to share his leadership ideas. Some people thought that he is such a lucky guy, and maybe he is..after working hard for eight years crafting, creating, and delivering thousands of speeches to thousands of people.

The Toastmaster is now an international speaker. To learn more about Jef Menguin, visit

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