A guest packet (also called a guest kit) is something that can be given to a guest at a meeting that explains the meeting and that they can take with them.


The guest kit has two purposes: to help the guest during the meeting and to help them remember to join/come back.


What is in a guest kit varies from club to club but may include:

  • A greeting letter (from the current president or from the club)
  • An outline of the meeting so they can follow along, with explanation of terms and customs
  • A membership application
  • A past issue of the Toastmaster Magazine with the mailing label replaced with contact information for the club
  • A feedback form so they can comment on the meeting and give their address, phone number or email address so you can remind them of the next meeting
  • One of the pamphlets from International
  • A copy of the icebreaker hand out (this may be more appropriate for a new member kit)

A folder makes a good way to hold everything together.

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