Meeting times / venue Edit

IEM Toastmasters
Club No: 00922435
Chartered: 13-6-2006
The IEM Toastmasters Club meets every 2nd, 4th and 5th Thursdays at 19:30.

Venue :Level 2 or 3, Wisma IEM, 21 Jalan Selangor, Petaling Jaya. (Opposite Pizza Hut (across the road by bridge, near MBPJ, PJ New Town/State)

Next Meeting Date: (Starting Time : 19:30)
Directions / Map:
Contacts: or call (012) 213-0588

What to expectEdit

IEM Toastmasters
Club No: 00922435
Chartered: 13-6-2006
Website: Directions :  Contacts : or (012) 213-0588

Notable Achievements:
PRESIDENT'S DISTINGUISHED CLUB 10 of 10 2007-08 (President : Engr. Suresh Yegambaram, ACB, CL)
PRESIDENT'S DISTINGUISHED CLUB 10 of 10 2008-09 (President : Ir. Charles Wong, CC)  
PRESIDENT'S DISTINGUISHED CLUB 10 of 10 2009-10 (President : Ir. Ismail Omar, DTM)
PRESIDENT'S DISTINGUISHED CLUB 10 of 10 2010-11 (President : Robert Ram, DTM)
PRESIDENT'S DISTINGUISHED CLUB 10 of 10 2011-12 (President : Chia Meng Yee CC, ALB)

Hall of Fame:

IEM Toastmasters is the Home of:
- District 51 Humourous Speech Champion 2012 : Sim Bock San, TM
- District 51 Division C Evaluation Champion 2010 : Tan Ken Wayne, CC
- District 51 Division E Governor 2012-13 : Robert Ram, DTM
- Six Past and Present Area Governors:

1.2008-09 Ir. Ismail Omar, DTM (Area C1)
2.2008-09 SKL Walia, DTM (Area W6)
3.2009-10 Engr. Suresh Yegambaram, ACB, CL (Area C2)
4.2010-11 Robert Ram, DTM (Area C2) 
5.2011-12 Engr.Lee Meng TZe, DTM (Area C2)
6.2012-13 Alex Lu, ACB, ALB (Area E2)

Contact detailsEdit

IEM Toastmasters
Club No: 00922435
Chartered: 13-6-2006

Website. :

Current Term Exco 2012-2013:
President : Engr. Lee Meng Tze, DTM
VP Education : Alex Lu ACB, ALB
VP Membership : Kanagaraj Pillay, ACB
VP PR : Andrew Nathan, ACB
Secretary : Mariappan Chanachayai, CC
Treasurer : Chooi Jai Hoong
SAA : Anthony Kolandai, CC
IPP: : Chia Meng Yee CC, ALB

Committee members : Sim Bock San, TM ; Ng Yee Chia, TM ; Khor Wei Li, TM

For more information, contact us at or call (012) 213-0588

Visit us IEM Toastmasters at


Initial Membership RM 100
You get New Member's kit from TI USA

Monthly Fees RM30 (=RM 180 bi-annual dues)
You get monthly Toastmasters Magazine from TI USA
You may attend at least 2 Meetings per month at the home Club
and unlimited number of Meetings at other Clubs subject only to your enthusiasm and energy

IEM Toastmasters currently does not levy door fees to Members and Visitors
All Are Welcome!

Forthcoming Meeting dates Edit

Come join us. Next meeting date and program time : Starting 19:30)

Visit us IEM Toastmasters at (This month's meeting dates are listed on the left column, scroll down to the centre)

Events and News aplenty from the Blog of the IEM Toastmasters

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