Good day everyone.

I suddenly realised, at the beginning of the meeting, that this was our 85th meeting since charter and, around February/March, we will be hitting our 100th. I think that is something to celebrate. Anyone with any suggestions as to how best do so?

Our able toastmaster for the evening was Erich Viedge, who has now been registered for his Advanced Communicator - Bronze (ACB). He was well supported by the crew of Sibu Mntambo (toast), Zibu Mntambo (timekeeper), David Hardingham (chief evaluator and sergeant at arms), Kirsten Long and Carla Sargo (evaluators), and Agnes Lutukayi (table topics master).

Our speeches were presented by Belinda Fairon and Ruby Kokkinis (both brand new members, presenting their CC1) and Marius Grobbelaar with his CC2. Both Belinda and Ruby impressed as first-time speakers with their poise and confidence, preparation and limited use of notes. Marius also spoke entirely without notes making good use of gestures and eye-contact. All three should have a pleasant path along their Competent Communicator rout.

The evaluations were also good (and on time) indicating their ability to listen effectively and summarise efficiently. I think the evaluations are actually harder than the speeches, but they do enhance one's ability to present comments (the good and the not so good) in a balanced way whilst motivating and educating. As I said, not easy!

Agnes provided the table topics on the theme of a "Day in the life of …". With one minute to prepare their thoughts, our impromptu speakers confidently held forth on Monica Lewinsky (Erich Viedge), Omar Bin Laden (Tiaan Otto), Bill Clinton (Marius Grobbelaar), Prince Charles (Graham Nicholls) and - bravely on her first visit AND confidently - Michael Jackson (Kim Napo). Needless to say the Lewinsky, Clinton and Jackson talks each carried some innuendo!

Unfortunately our VPE, Martin Barnard, has had to resign because of family illness. We are now looking for a new VPE and volunteers are welcome!

The raffle draw was won by David Hardingham.

Remember the Area H1 humorous competition on the 5th - details are on the web site at I have recently updated the site with information regarding fees amongst other things.

I must be honest and express my concern about our inactive members. We would love to see you at the meetings and continuing the aims and objectives you set yourselves when you joined. I am just a telephone call away if you would like to discuss.

In the meantime, take care and look forward to seeing you all at the next meeting on the 18th October 2006.

Graham Nicholls CL
4th Dimension Toastmasters: President

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