Informal Summary of the Meeting held on the 18th October 2006
A big thank you to all those who attended last night at the revised venue. Kirsten was supported by me, Rob and Gwynneth Crothall, Michele Rauff, Carla Sargo, Tiaan Otto, Zibu Mnthambo, Erich Viedge, Brandon and Marius Grobbelaar. We heard some amusing speeches and our Kirsten Long achieved a highly credible second place with her talk - The Other Side of the Mountain. Those of you who did not hear her at the club, area or divisional contests certainly missed out.

We formally convened our 86th meeting, although we had nothing to do except sit back, listen and enjoy. Rather a pleasant experience, in fact!

The winner was Caron Danon with 'Trust Your Instincts'; a speech about blind dating and what can go wrong. Other contestants were Paul McKinley ('Stupid or Special') and Shelley George ("Crimes of Fashion').

The contest was well organised and ran smoothly, finishing just after 20h00.

Once again, well done to Kirsten. You can be proud of your achievement.

Our next meeting will be as normal on the 6th November and I look forward to seeing you there.

Graham Nicholls
4th Dimension - President

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