The second-half of the committee year begins, as does the calendar year of 2007. May both be a pleasant and peaceful period for all of our members, your loved ones and friends.

The meeting last night went well. A number of members attended along with six guests (who appeared to have enjoyed themselves, judging by the comments in the guest book) and our normal fun evening was held. Peter Lutukai was our able Toastmaster for the evening.

Peter has been away for a while so I think it was a big step for him to return and immediately take on such a big role. Well done. Ruby Kokkinis presented the toast, and our treasurer Tiaan Otto doubled up as the grammarian. His word of the day was ‘ruminate’ and a number of people managed to work it into their speeches or comments during the evening. The 4th Dimension website will allow you to click on the word and see the meaning for yourself. Zibu Mntambo ably kept time.

There were only two prepared speeches: Coralie Rutherford with ‘Confusion’ successfully moved through her CC4 stage and Agnes Lutukai with “One Minute for Yourself’ her CC9. They were evaluated by Dave Hardingham and Sibu Mntambo respectively. Preparing and delivering speeches is not easy, but neither is evaluating. Well done to all of you.

Marius Grobbelaar ran the impromptu session, most of which I missed (assisting the evaluators) but one or two of the guests volunteered and were most impressive. Clearly some talent in the pipeline! But all in all it appears to be been a great success.

Lynda Skinner, our Vice President Public Relations, has asked to stand down due to work pressure over the next few months. On behalf of the committee and members I would like to thank you for her assistance over the last six months. Ruby Kokkinis volunteered to step into the role, so welcome to the committee.

Our 100th meeting is due in five months time and we decided last night to combine that with the induction dinner as a celebration. Ruby also volunteered to coordinate that evening. As a result of the combination, that evening will be a bigger bash than normal as we would invite other area and district governors to attend. We will keep you updated.

For the life of me I cannot remember who won the raffle – but it wasn’t me. The meeting ended on time and hopefully everyone travelled home safely in the ensuing rain storm.

I think that sums up the evening. If you weren’t there you lost out on an opportunity to have some fun and meet that objective you had when you joined Toastmasters: to improve your listening, speaking and thinking skills. I am on leave next week in the Kruger, but look forward to seeing you all at the next meeting.

Take care.

Regards, Graham Nicholls CL 4th Dimension Toastmasters: President

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