Growing the club Edit

A vision for your club Edit

Knowing where your club is going is a critical step in having a successful term as president. Visions should focus on what you want the club to look like or be at the end of your term. They do not have to be detailed, that will come when you set goals and create a success plan.
Many presidents set a theme to assist them with forming a vision. They turn to the Distinguished Club program as well. Here are various visions that can be used:

  1. The club will earn a specific level of the Distinguished Club Program
  2. The club will be a supportive environment for members to reach their speaking and leadership goals.

Making meetings interesting Edit

There are plenty of resources elsewhere on this site to make meetings interesting.Look at Themes and Table Topics for more info.

How to manage your committee members Edit

Running a committee meeting Edit

Getting your club recognised by district (the DCP programme) Edit

Dates in the Toastmasters' year Edit


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