As you progress through your Toastmasters Programme, you will at some stage want to Start a New Toastmasters Club. There are a number of tried and proven methods, and there is nothing to stop other ideas working...

Hold a Demonstration Meeting Edit

  • Read the following experience from District 73, in Australia.

This is a proven way of starting a club or attracting members to your club. We have just started a new club in Kalgoorlie, a mining town in Western Australia. There were 60 people at the first demonstration meeting and 35 joined on the night and we believe we will have a second club up and going within the next couple ofweeks. This method takes out all the effort and frustration in getting a club underway because we have realised that the quicker we get a club up and running the better off it is. How did it work? We sent a letter the local Chamber of Commerce in the town asked for the names and addresses of all the businesses in the area. We then sent out 600 letters personally addressed the letter to the owner inviting them and their employees to the meeting. We asked an existing club to be the sponsor club and had them assist with speakers and people to help on the night. We then organised a demonstration meeting.

  • At the Demonstration Meeting:-
    • We spoke about the benefits of the Toastmasters programs.
    • We had two guest speakers.
    • Asked them for the visitors to help us form a new club.
    • Gave them an application form and the cost.
    • Provided various Toastmaster's literature
    • Put on Support to offer a change for the guests and Toastmasters to mingle

What's great about being part of starting a new club, is that it helps you with new leadership skills, and helps you towards obtaining your DTM - but best of all it gives you the sense of satisfaction in having achieving something - by helping others.

Proactive Club Formation Edit

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