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Theme of the Day
Word of the Day
Table Topics Master DiBartolomeo Daunheimer
Speaker Bridges Daunheimer Boggess Daunheimer Daunheimer Martin Daunheimer Daunheimer
Project/Time Range Basic Manual #5 - Your Body Speaks Basic Manual #3 - Get to the Point Basic Manual #9 - Persuade with Power Basic Manual #4 - How to Say It Basic Manual #5 - Your Body Speaks Basic Manual #10 - Inspire Your Audience Basic Manual #6 - Vocal Variety Basic Manual #7 - Research Your Topic
Speaker Daunheimer Martin Conlon
Project/Time Range Basic Manual #2 - Organize Your Speech Basic Manual #9 - Persuade with Power Basic Manual TBD
Speaker King Georgen
Project/Time Range Advanced Manual - Technical Presentations #1 Basic Manual #1 - The Ice Breaker
24 Hour Notice SpeakerStolte, Boggess Stolte
General EvaluatorShort Short
EvaluatorDiBartolomeoShort Conlon Conlon
Ah CounterDaunheimer
Grammarian Daunheimer
Members not AttendingConlonConlon

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