Time 5–7 minutes
  • djdjjiwu3nnskziosudnduct the demonstration as part of a speech delivered without notes.
A demonstration

Developing Your TalkEdit

Demonstration TipsEdit

Keep Their InterestEdit

Your AssignmentEdit

Evaluation Guide
To present a demonstration talk of five to seven minutes on a process, product, or activity.

OBJECTIVES Prepare a demonstration speech to clearly explain a process, product, or activity Conduct the demonstration as part of a speech delivered without notes Time: 5 to 7 minutes EVALUATION GUIDE How did the speaker make the talk relevant to the audience’s interest? Describe the demonstration’s impact on you. How appropriate was the choice of demonstration method? Was each part of the demonstration clearly explained? What could the speaker have done to make the demonstration more effective? What was the most effective part of the demonstration?

A written evaluation of this speech will consider the following points:

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