Obsolete manual. Instead please see Category:Facilitating Discussion.

The Discussion Leader Catalogue No 226-D

“The Seminar Solution”. Edit

Time: 20-30 min.  Objectives...
  • Present an introductory talk or lecture describing a theory, model or information to be discussed by the groups following the presentation.
  • Use a buzz-session technique to facilitate group participation to a solution.

“The Round Robin”.Edit

 Time 20-30 min.  Objectives...
  • Using a problem-solving pattern, lead the participants in a brainstorming session.
  • Screen the possible solutions and lead the group in deciding what action to take.

“Pilot a Panel”.Edit

 Time: 30-40 min.  Objectives...
  • Select a problem for a 3-member panel discussion,
  • Acting as moderator, monitor the panel discussion.

“Make it Make Believe” (Role Playing)Edit

 Time: 20-30 min.  Objective...
  • Create a plot and characters relevant to the discussion problem and select a cast from among the group members.

“The Workshop Leader”.Edit

 Time: 30-40 min.  Objectives...
  • Guide the workshop participants in an investigative discussion of the problem.
  • Follow a problem-solving pattern to arrive at a solution.


The Panel ModeratorEdit

Time: 28-33 min. recommended; 22-26 min. optional Objectives... •Select a topic for a panel discussion. •Identify differing viewpoints to be addressed by panelists. •Organize and moderate a panel discussion.

The Brainstorming SessionEdit

Time 31-33 min. recommended; 20-22 min. optional Objectives... •Select a problem for a brainstorming session for which you serve as a facilitator. •Conduct a brainstorming session. •Have participants reduce the list of ideas to the three best.

The Problem-Solving DiscussionEdit

Time: 26-31 min. recommended; 19-23 min. optional Objectives... •Discuss the three ideas generated in Project 2, •Determine which one best resolves the problem.

Handling Challenging SituationsEdit

Time: 22-32 min. recommended; 12-21 min. optional Objective... •Select a problem and ask club members to discuss and resolve it by either a majority vote or by compromise. •Serve as facilitator for the discussion. •Effectively handle any member's behavioral problems that may interfere with the discussion.

Reaching a ConsensusEdit

Time: 31-37 min. recommended; 20-26 min. optional Objectives... •To select a problem for the group to discuss and resolve. •As facilitator, help the group reach a consensus.

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