Time 8–10 minute speech, 3–5 minute Q&A
  • To prepare a technical presentation advocating a product, service, idea, or course of action.
  • To present your viewpoint logically and convincingly, using an “inverted-pyramid” approach.
  • To effectively use presentation software on a laptop computer to illustrate your message.
  • To effectively handle a question-and-answer period.

What Are You Proposing?Edit

That we align COVERAGE and MADE AVAILABLE metrics

Organizing Your ProposalEdit


Factors that impact the correlation

The Future

Using Visual AidsEdit


Handling Questions and AnswersEdit

Correlation questions

Other uses of this

Others correlations to consider

Your AssignmentEdit

Evaluation Guide
Technical presentation that advocates a product, service, idea, or course of action.

A written evaluation of this speech will consider the following points:


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