A good rhyme ...
Works everytime!

Let's make a Toastmasters Rap, or Rhyme, or Song, or Jingle! Start your own, or add some lines, to another, change things around to make it better - do whatever your creative gut dares you to. Also, add links to similar pages from across the web.

Ode to Club TreasurersEdit

Originally posted by Linda on Linkedin group:

I do not like renewals time...I do not like it, Sam I Am.
Would you, could you collect the dues?
Would you, could you handle bad news?
He's not renewing, I am told...
good gosh this job is getting old.

Linda posted the above on Facebook, and got a response from Karen:
I collect TM dues in the Fall,
and collect them in the hall.
I collect dues here and there.
I collect TM dues EVERYWHERE.
I collect dues on a Monday or on a SUN day,
I collect dues in the rain,
I collect dues on a train.
I collect dues now and then,
I'll even collect dues from that crafty guy, Ken.

Speech Timin' BluesEdit

Rhyme me! ?

"Rhyme me!" he said... Well, here's my modest attempt: (by Mathieu Joly)

++ Speech Timin' Blues **Edit

Rhyme me, please,

But don't time me,


When that light's red on me,

I get the big squeeze...

Rhyme me, please,

but don't time me, please!

When the time's all mine,

I can talk so fine,

and when the light's all green,

I can speak so keen!

Rhyme me, please,

but don't time me, please!

'Cause when the light's on yellow,

I'm getting less -- mellow.

Oh, you call it amber,

-- It still means danger!

Rhyme me, please,

but don't time me, please!

For when that light turns red,

-- might as well be dead...

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Project DEdit

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