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    October 27, 2009 by Hetemaaa

    My name is Abdullrahman Hetaimish.I was born in Jeddah and I lived all my in Jeddah just 2 years I spent in East Reign for studying ITC  with Saudi Aramco Company.

    Today my topic about the best women cares of you and she spent all her life for you she is a mother

    Actually, I'm ganna start with story the subject is My Mother Only Have One Eye I Hated Her

    She used to caused me a lot of embarrassments. She used to cook for students and teachers to support the family. On one day I was in the school she came to school to say hi baby and check on me. I was so embarrassed and I ignored her. After that II faced her on that day saying  if you wanted to make me farce on me.

    Why don't you die?

    I didn't care of her feeling. I decided to leave her to contin…

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