This is an example of a Wiki. ( It's a web site, made up of pages. The cool thing is that anybody can edit the pages.

Wikis are great for any kind of content that would benefit from having lots of people contribute to it. Encyclopedias, for example: (go to and look something). There's even a How To wiki, where people collaborate on How To do almost anything.

There are lots of on-line resources for wikis. I've found one at (Tip: if you want to make a hyperlink clickable, start it with http:)

There is another site at

The key is to have the software that generates the pages that are editable. This particular wikicity is running a thing called MediaWiki which is downloadable for free, gratis and for nothing. I've got it running on my Mac. It's fabulous software (as you can see for yourself).

What wikis are used for Edit

For a fuller list, go to I got some of this stuff from there. The more I see of wikis, the more excited I get by them and their possibilities.

Establish a company IntranetEdit

  • Publish company information in a Jotspot wiki:
  • Project specifications
  • Distribute employee information and policies
  • Company news and events
  • Marketing collateral

Genealogy Edit

  • Every member of the family has a page
  • People can update each other's information
  • Helps create a much more rounded view of the individual family members

Product documentation Edit

  • Users collaborate to keep documentation up to date
  • Users report bugs for everybody to work on

Manage MeetingsEdit

  • For a cool live application of this, go to and click on the Kammacon link.
  • Or try SAQA on this wiki.
  • Organize your group:
  • Schedule meetings
  • Create agendas
  • Reserve conference rooms
  • Record meeting notes
  • Display results in a group calendar

Recruiting Edit

  • Manage your recruiting process:
  • Manage candidate pool
  • Attach a resume to reach candidate page
  • Aggregate emails from the candidate by CC:ing their individual page
  • Gather interview notes from employees using page comments
  • Organize job openings

To Do List / Task Management Edit

Productivity for a distributed team: Shared calendar and table views Assign tasks Set priorities Schedule due dates Organize tasks by group Flag items for discussion

Track Competition Edit

  • Monitor your competitive landscape:
  • Maintain list of competitors
  • Integrate news from the web
  • Compare features
  • Target customers

Share Interesting Articles (which is what this wikicity is about) Edit

Create a public bulletin board:

  • Interesting articles
  • Research
  • Community news
  • Essays

What wikis are not that good for Edit

"Official" sites Edit

It's good to have official sites that are not as fluid as wikis are. This site will NEVER replace or your disrict's official site -- or even your club's for that matter

E-Commerce Edit

  • is never going to be a wiki